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The Buddha Within 

The Buddha Within is now available on ArmenianHipHop!!!13 tracks about love and kindness and how our people need to see the big picture.

Be sure to go on Illems page and download the album for free or visit illem's website at http://illeminati.com/.
Lastly, be sure to spread the word!!!

Armenian Emcee Cypher 2014 Podcast


Pentagon Records Presents "The Armenian Emcee Cypher 2014" hosted by DJ Base. Featuring R-Mean www.rmean.com, ApEye, One-2, capital Z, Lil Man, Blackjack, Big V www.bigvmusic.com, Nazo Bravo www.nazobravo.com, Lil Crazy Loc, Pknuckle, Apollo Poetry, 

Join the Open Wounds 1915 movement www.openwounds1915.com

Directed by: @AlexKodo
Camera by:
www.redscreenproductions.com @redscreenproductions
  1. Armenian Emcee Cypher 2014


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